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Dave is an energetic and forward-looking leader. He is an effective problem-solver, gathering facts and making decisions in a timely and decisive way. Dave is aware of trends in his area of expertise and can engage and lead others toward adapting to these trends. Always polite and respectful, Dave is a leader that others can confidently follow.

Kathleen G. Mastantuono, LCSW

Relatable, remarkable, and real! I loved what Dave had to say about commitment. In my mind, commitment was only about making a decision to do something you want and sticking to it. But it’s actually more than that. There is a whole personal development to your commitment. Once you have committed, you still have to choose to better yourself each and every day, such as improving your skills, learning from others, keeping that fire alive in you that caused you to make the commitment in the first place. He explains this perfectly in his “10 Commandments to Commitment.”

Chasity Ross

Dave provides insight into the importance of understanding yourself and the environment in order to achieve your goals. He creatively combines personal obstacles and achievements with key concepts that everyone could benefit from reading. I would highly recommend this book, not just as an inspirational read, but also for understanding the journey to success.

Rob Kalchthaler

Dave continuously sets new goals for himself and his team to exceed standards. His passion about the people side of change is evident in his most recent book. His desire to help organizations and individuals become the best they can be is a testament to his leadership skills. I have had the privilege to work alongside Dave in facilitating culture, Change, and engagement activities and develop leadership recommendations for continuous quality improvement.

Carrie A. Morgan, M.Ed., ABD

After working with David on different projects, I have seen firsthand the passion that he brings to his work. He is a great motivator, truly cares about his staffs’ success, and brings a great energy to any group. He is able to articulate ideas in a way that truly resonates with you, which works wonders when talking about the challenges of changing management.

Danielle Jacobson

Dave has done some work for me in the past, which was outstanding. His business acumen assisted me in motivation my employees. Additional his personal insight into employee development resulted in unexpected positive outcomes for my business.

Gene Garbowsky

After attending Dave’s seminar, I am now thinking outside the box which as helped me in my professional sales career. I live now in what Dave calls the “the solution of life’ not in ‘the problem of life’.

Ben Hinton

Dave doesn’t just present concepts. He helps identify and break down barricades while coupling awareness with effective tools and essentials for winning at all phases of life.

Brian R. Sivillo, ARM, CRM

Dave is energetic, funny, clear and a master at teaching. Take the class and you will see.

Alena Rohe

David Loshelder was a pleasure to work with. We collaborated on several projects together while working at Pittsburgh Mercy Health System. He always made himself regularly available. His contributions and ideas always made a difference toward the success of every project we worked on together.

Kihra Kohlar

The results from Dave’s program worked great for me. I believe everyone should be exposed to his programs.

Rick Lippa

After working with Dave for more than 4 years, I can say that he is one of the most positive and dedicated managers I have encountered in my professional career. He is a natural leader whose door was always open to consult with or seek guidance from and I consistently learned new things from him through each interaction. Dave is passionate about the work he does and always accepted new projects eagerly with many ideas to make it the best. He communicates effectively and inspired his employees, often taking time to recognize his staff members hard work and dedication to the job. With Dave as my manager, I looked forward to going to work everyday eager to see what the day would bring and knowing I would have his support no matter what. If you are looking for a strong, honest and passionate leader to assist you in making informed decisions about your professional career, I confidently recommend choosing Dave, who will be there with you every step of the way.

Amanda Lovorn