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Research shows that over 70% of all change initiatives fail. In this time of rapid change, companies are often challenged to launch and sustain change programs primarily due to three factors Read more

Leadership Training

Only when you have a group of people functioning as a finely tuned machine, can improvement strategies be successfully established and implemented. Read more

Coaching & Consulting

Like any great athlete a coach is always instructing, teaching and motivating every step of the way. No matter what level of management you hold a personal coach can take you to the next level. ​ Read more


Discover what it takes to successfully engage your employees and provide them with proven strategies that will help you reach your goals!
Imagine your business continually reaching that next level by having your employees happily engaged in their work and fully focused with their teams and producing more revenue and profit than you ever expected.

You might also be thinking:

“How could I do this with all the other responsibilities, challenging, regulations, staffing issues and multitude of things that keep me from the all the other aspects of running a business?”

Good question…

A business has two halfs: fifty percent technology and process and fifty percent people and culture. Companies need both to be successful and profitable. If you continually work to improve the technology and processes side of your business, you are only engaging with one side of the equation.

The other half, the people side is the harder part to grow and build and if not focused on can lead to lost revenue, higher staff turn over, higher training cost, and a poor work environment.

The other half is the half of the forgotten people and culture side of your business, the engine of your company. If you want to continually build an irresistible value propositions for your customers don’t you think you need both sides to make your business as one. Most companies have solid systems that drive the technology and processes part of their business but fail to systems that engage, motivate, and enrich the force that drives the business and that is their ​people and the culture.​The most challenging part of change is not adding technology or establishing better processes, but is engaging the people who do the work and engaging them in the right way. Most companies that struggle with change need outside help with this part. This is what 3LG Solutions will do for you.

​Coaching Teamwork Community

Research shows that over 70% of all change initiatives fail!

7 out of 10 companies failing to change are really bad odds for you and your company.

To beat the odds….Read below


3LG Solutions work with leaders to deliver sustainable bottom-line, measurable results. We focus on the people side of change and every component required to deliver business excellence and ensure they align perfectly. Since all companies have their unique challenges, barriers and cultures, the process of change begins by consulting with the leaders and decision makers. Since all companies have their unique challenges, barriers and cultures, the process of change begins by consulting with the leaders and decision makers. ​This consultation will focus on the specific needs of the company and any difficulties the company may be experiencing. Once these challenges are identified and defined, we will explore the aspects you want to improve more specifically and determine the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

How can you benefit?

  • Increase Profit
  • Decrease Employee Attrition
  • Attract highly Talented People to Your Organization
  • Magically Create Happier Work Environments
  • Enhance  Team Synergy
  • Adapt to Change Easily and Quickly
  • Increase Communication Between Frontline Staff and Management
  • Create a Genuine Sense of Urgency for Change
  • Establish a Greater Commitment to Projects
  • Communicate More Effectively by Knowing the Behavioral Styles of Others

Ensuring that your company stands above the competition requires stable, consistent leadership that is committed to:

  • Improve  Customer Satisfaction
  • IncreaseProductivity
  • Expand Market Share
  • Eradicate Waste
  • Boost Profitability
  • Improve Process Flow
  • Elevate Employee Engagement and Commitment
  • Build on All Performance Metrics
  • Lower costs​​

None of these can be accomplished without great teamwork stemming from a healthy work culture. We are committed to helping companies customize strategies while learning from and incorporating proven techniques and tools to overcome the barriers that frequently thwart successful change initiatives.

​How can we solve your problem?

Leadership Development

Team Facilitation

Team Building

Strategic Planning

Change Management

Cultural Transformation

Quality Improvement

Kaizen Event/Six Sigma Project Facilitation

Process Improvement Strategies and Methods

Lean Six Sigma

Project Management

DISC Assessments

If you are planning for a change or currently changing something or at the end of a change in your business,
contact us for your FREE consultation at (412) 290-6955.

“Developing strategy through teams is the key that unlocks the power in an organization’s change initiative, strengthen leadership, and ultimately leads to continued success.”