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David Loshelder

DISC is a behavioral assessment tool based on the theory of psychologist, William Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits – dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientious. The DISC Assessment is a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures one’s behaviors and observable indicators. It gives us valuable information on how to communicate with different styles of individuals and provides insightful
instructions on adjusting one’s style to work well with others.

Benefits of the Organization

It helps organizations focus on understanding their employees’ personal communication styles and teaches them how to enhance communication with others. It does not measure intelligence, values or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavioral styles and appreciate the differences and build better and productive working relationships as a result.

Process of Training

– Step 1: DISC Certified trainer sends each individual participant a link to the assessment

– Step 2: DISC Certified trainer follows up with a phone call to review one-on-one with the participant and prepare for training

– Step 3: Group on-line training with all participants.


We do a personal phone call with each participant prior to the on-line training to review your personal profile!